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Tomcat: redirecting traffic from port 8080 to 80 using iptables

Originally posted on Glass Onion Blog:
First verify that Tomcat is running on port 8080. Run the following command # netstat -ntl The output will look something like Active Internet connections (only servers) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address               Foreign Address            …

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Correctly switch between 2 Column and 1 Column grid on iPhone Landscape/Portrait mode

I had been designing a website with 4 banner that each takes col-md-3 for desktop-sized screen and takes col-xs-12 on portrait mode on the iPhone. //screenshot will be added in a short moment. It turned out that it looks horrible on landscape … Continue reading

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Configuring App Transport Security Exceptions in iOS 9 and OSX 10.11

Originally posted on Steven Peterson:
What is App Transport Security (ATS)? At WWDC 2015, Apple announced “App Transport Security” for iOS 9 and OSX 10.11 El Capitan. The “What’s New in iOS” guide for iOS 9 explains: App Transport Security…

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Mass download of files via wget

A couple of days ago Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Sales Excellence had posted on the give away of free Microsoft eBooks. The list of eBook for give away is indeed long and in this post, I will be teaching … Continue reading

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Creating Jar for JavaFX Application

This is a step by step guide to creating a Jar for a JavaFX Application using IntelliJ IDEA. It is only tested on IntelliJ IDEA 2016 with Java8. Steps might be slightly different for Java7. First, open up File > … Continue reading

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JavaFX load data on launch

To load data on launch for a JavaFX app, you would simply need the following in your Controller. The initialize method is the first piece of code that is run when you launch the JavaFX app.

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Installing mysql on Raspberry Pi

In this post, I will go through how to install mysql on Raspberry Pi 2. Installing mysql is much simpler than installing Apache Tomcat as it can be done via apt-get During the setup, you would be prompted to set … Continue reading

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