Mass download of files via wget

A couple of days ago Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Sales Excellence had posted on the give away of free Microsoft eBooks. The list of eBook for give away is indeed long and in this post, I will be teaching you how to download them all with just two commands in linux.

The first command download the list of free ebook, the second command visit each of the link in the txt file and download them and save it as the name given from the server. Without the “–content-disposition –trust-server-names” option, the file will simply be save as the last portion of the url.

wget <a href="">…/Key_Shorts/MSFTFreeEbooks.txt</a>
wget --content-disposition --trust-server-names -i MSFTFreeEbooks.txt

You may visit the original link from Eric Ligman here

Lastly this guide won’t be possible without help of unix stackexchange

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