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Return json string with proper name

In C# 7, it is now possible to have tuple return type. You would have to use a var to store the return value. However if you simply return the var as a json, the json will be slightly messed … Continue reading

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Saving UI element as jpeg for Windows Phone 8.1

This is an follow-up of the¬†Drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1 Assume that the content that is needed to save into jpeg is in a scrollviewer, the below would be the implementation on saving the content. It works for most … Continue reading

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Drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1

Many had asked on how do we create a drawing pad for Windows Phone 8.1. It is very simple, in fact the code to get it done is exactly the same as that for Windows 8.1 In the xaml, you … Continue reading

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Data Binding for Xamarin iOS

Been trying out Xamarin for iOS over the past few weeks and today I came across an article from Visual Studio Magazine that managed to explain and provide a sample code for binding data to table in iOS. The article … Continue reading

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Async/await not reacting as expected in Console App

If you had to use an await call in a .net Console app, you would definitely notice that the await is simply skipped over. This is because await only ensure that the rest of the code in the current async … Continue reading

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C# 6 Features – “Await in catch and finally blocks.”

The C# team had recently announced a few new features for C# 6 that will ships with VS 2015. One of the feature that caught my attention is “Await in catch and finally blocks.” Recall that I actually had a … Continue reading

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Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute

Attempting to remove any element from a collection within a foreach loop will result in the above mentioned error. To stop the error simply add a .ToList() or .ToArray() within the foreach loop as seen below. List distinctList = new … Continue reading

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