Backup of outlook data file

Doing backup of your personal files are very critical. That would include backup-ing your outlook pst/ost file. In this post, I would teach you how to automatically create a backup of the pst/ost.

A good idea would be to backup the pst file to a network drive as such NAS or external hard disk.

As you would know, it is not possible to move or copy the pst file while Microsoft Outlook is still open. Hence this tool here will only be activate when you close Microsoft Outlook. There are simply setting such as location of the pst to copy and the destination of where it should be copied too. You could also set a countdown which allow you to abort the copying if you does not want the tool to perform the backup at that moment.

My suggestion is to close Microsoft Outlook when you are going for lunch/break especially if your pst file is huge as cloning the pst file might take a while to complete.

This only works for Windows.

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