Windows Phone Apps

Below are the list of Windows Phone apps that are developed by me.

Feel free to download them from the Windows Phone marketplace. Leave any feedback that you have regarding the app below. 🙂

TV連續劇下載 (Windows Phone 8.0 and above)
“TV連續劇下載” 為您收集 從以前到現在 好看的台劇、日劇、韓劇、大陸劇、偶像劇,總數量超過一萬集!
連續播放功能 讓您觀賞 Youtube、DailyMotion影片時,可以一次看完!
依照熱門推薦, 依播放次數, 依上架時間, 2014年, 2013年, 2012年, 2011年以前 等多種分類整理大家喜愛的連續劇

SGHaze (Windows Phone 7.5 and above)
Use SGHaze to check on the PSI level in Singapore. PSI readings will be updated hourly. The 3hr PSI readings take into consideration PM2.5 concentrations.
Color indicator provide easy reading of the PSI values at one glance.
SGHazeDownload SGHaze

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