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Return json string with proper name

In C# 7, it is now possible to have tuple return type. You would have to use a var to store the return value. However if you simply return the var as a json, the json will be slightly messed … Continue reading

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Android Volley Sending data twice

When you use Android Volley Library to make a http post request, the default situation is that the data will be send twice. In order to avoid this, you would need to add the line 2 of the below code … Continue reading

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Free Microsoft eBook

Once again, there is a large give away of Microsoft eBooks from Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Sales Excellence. The whole list of the free eBooks is available at Eric’s msdn blog. However, as a developer, we would always love to … Continue reading

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Backup of outlook data file

Doing backup of your personal files are very critical. That would include backup-ing your outlook pst/ost file. In this post, I would teach you how to automatically create a backup of the pst/ost. A good idea would be to backup … Continue reading

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Detecting OS and Redirect to a specify site

There will be some instance where we need to redirect user to different site based on their platform. As such the following javascript will do the job to which OS the user is on. In this case, Android, iOS, and … Continue reading

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Flask: Hello World

It works on raspberry pi too! techtutorialsx The objective of this post is to explain how to create a simple “Hello world” application with Python and Flask. View original post 985 more words

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Backup Digital Ocean VPS to image

While Digital Ocean does provide backup service, it would also be advisable that we have a local backup of our VPS. You could do the following It might take a while to load the entire depending on how huge your … Continue reading

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