facebook Hackathon Finals 2015

The annual facebook hackathon finals 2015 was held was at facebook HQ at Menlo Park. I was privileged to be invited after winning the local hackathon in Singapore.

We had created Pensieve during the final hack. Our hack is an attempt to expand our minds through intelligence augmentation. It is implemented as a smart mind map where user is able to expand their knowledge horizon. We had used IBM Watson’s language processing and deep learning capabilities to generate ideas that integrates into our own mind map.

Our solution overcome the difficuly of a traditional mindmap. While traditional mindmap is a great tool to brainstorm and write down things that you already know. With Pensieve, it builds upon the knowledge that you already know and expands it with the collective intelligence. What we have accomplished in our hack, is just a glimpse of a future where AI empowers us to think better.

Our source code for Pensieve is available at github

It is truly exciting to be able to visit and tour part of facebook campus. We also had a awesome mentor that take us on a tour around facebook Building 20. Belong are some of the fun snippet during my stay at facebook.

facebook hackathon finals 2015 #zhgoestosf

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#pensieve team singapore #zhgoestosf

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Instagram-ing about Instagram on Instagram #ZHgoesToSF

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Short walk around the hotel #zhgoestosf

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Lastly here are all my photos of my adventure at facebook

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