Purchasing Custom Domain via Shopify

I had recently took up a project as a core developer for setting up a Shopify eCommerce site. Therefore I will have a series of posts to discuss about the difficulty I encountered while setting up the site.

In this post, I will address how to purchase a Domain via Shopify if you are purchasing a domain outside of your based country.

For a start, it would be important to purchase a custom domain to make your site sound more professional. In this case since Shopify does provide the service to purchase domain, I decided to do it via Shopify since it will simplify the setting up of domain.

However I had encountered a weird error while attempting to purchase the domain. I had registered the Shopify account as based in Singapore, however I wanted to purchase an European domain. After going filling in all the credit card details and proceeding to make purchase, it seem that nothing happened after clicking on the purchase button. Unaware of what has happened as there wasn’t an error message, I made multiple attempt to purchase the domain.

Finally, I gave up and chat with Shopify’s Support team. I was brought to my attention that you can’t buy domain outside of your based country. This should seriously be made clear during the purchase process. I was advised to purchase the domain from 3rd party registry .

Was determined to purchase the domain via Shopify, I decided to change the based country to an EU’s country and it works.

While this isn’t exactly a logical step that Shopify has taken, but I do appreciate the speedy assistant from Shopify’s Support.

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